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How to fix a loose motorcycle side mirror

My Honda NTV 650 Revere, after 25 years of duty, has a very loose side mirror: i need to adjust it every time because vibrations and wind speed move it.

I searched the net for a solution and I found several misleading recipes: using Loctite or even drilling an hole through the ball joint and blocking it with a pin! The solution is very simple indeed if you know how the mirror is assembled and how the ball joint works, so here you are two photos:

Side mirror loose ball joint Side mirror: rubber frame and mirror disassembled

Without removing the mirror you can try to rotate it clockwise, so that the nut is dragged by the spring friction to tighten itself. But if the self-locking nut has lost its grip, the solution cannot last for a long time.

So you can remove the mirror. Be carefull to pull the rubber frame very gently to avoid breaking the mirror. Separate the rubber from the metal body a little at a time, using two or three screwdrivers and acting simultaneously on several points along the short side of the mirror.

You can then use a new self-locking nut, may be reinforced with Loctite or with a lock nut. I also added a washer to reduce friction with the spring.

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