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Running Histogrammar in GNU/Linux with Wine

Histogrammar is a program for Microsft Windows by Guillermo Luijk, specifically written to analyze histograms of pictures for RAW developing (processing). There are several programs for GNU/Linux to inspect the histogram of a picture (Geeqie, the GIMP, gmic, etc.), but Histogrammar is specifically designed to analyze images during the RAW development process, so I decided that it was desiderable to run it in GNU/Linux too.

With some effert I was able to run the program on a GNU/Linux computer, using the Wine software. Because Wine is not an emulator, but a software compatibility layer, the performances of the program in Wine are comparable to the native ones. My testing computer is running Debian GNU/Linux 11.5 Bullseye, the Wine sofware is version 5.0.3 in 32 bit mode, configured for compatibility with Windows 7.

Download the archive and extract the exe file from it. To launch the program, simply execute from the command line:

wine "Histogrammar v1.1.exe"

The problems

To properly run the program I had to solve 4 problems.

Problem #1: missing MSVBVM60.DLL

The Wine error message is

0009:err:module:import_dll Library MSVBVM60.DLL
    (which is needed by L"Z:\\...\\Histogrammar v1.1.exe") not found

Problem #2: missing comdlg32.ocx

Dialog box with the error message: Component 'Cmdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

Problem #3: missing libgfl270.dll

Dialog box with the error message: Run-time error '53': File not found: libgfl270.dll.

Problem #4: gflax DLL not registered

Dialog box with the error message Unexpected error occurred in the 'Showimage' module Error number 492, described as 'ActiveX component can't create object'. The Wine error message is:

0009:err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {a8f57566-79b7-48f3-b439-979373cfff94} not registered

The solution

The solution was to search the net for two DLLs: gflax.dll and libgfl270.dll, the ones that I found have the following md5sum:

9076e1887c41dde3a1a571edb5b79659  gflax.dll
0e777179f8f1e513eaeaf8a0920eec5a  libgfl270.dll

Copy the two files into the same directory of the executable and execute from the command line:

winetricks vb6run
winetricks comdlg32ocx
regsvr32 gflax

The winetricks tool provides to download the required DLLs from the net and saves all the settings into your $HOME/.wine/ directory.

Other checks

Running winecfg verify into the Applications tab that the Windows Version is set to Windows 7.

Running wine regedit verify that the registration of gflax DLL succeded: you should find some registry keys like this:

@="GflAx Class"

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