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Concurrent Version System (CVS)

In this example we login to an anonymous CVS server and we download the tree of an entire project module.

cvs login

The program will prompt for a password and append some information to the ~/.cvspass file.

This command will download the entire lirc directory into the current one:

cvs -z3 checkout -P lirc

This command will download a tagged version, named releasebranch_6_3:
cvs -z3 checkout -r releasebranch_6_3 grass6

This command brings the work tree in sync with repository (creating new directories and Pruning empty ones):

cvs update -dP


  1. How to list the content of the remote server?
  2. How to do a partial download?
  3. How to do a sync?

Committing on SourceForge CVS

We need write access (granted by the project developers), we must use SSH (CVS via SSH) and we need a public ssh key to upload to the SourceForge site. The upload is managed via a web form, into the Account Maintenance page.


This is an example of authenticated CVS check-out, no password should be requested because authentication is perfomed via ssh key:

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -z3 co -P navit
cd navit


A while after the checkout, you can execute a diff to verify your working copy against the repository:

cvs diff


If something changed, you can sync your working copy with the repository using the update command:

cvs update
cvs update: Updating projs/CodeBlocks/win32gui/resources
cvs update: Updating src
P src/coord.h
P src/projection.h
P src/transform.c
cvs update: Updating src/binding

Notice the P that means that a working file was patched to match the repository. If you cange a file in the working copy, the update command will show you that it was modified and not yet committed:

vi po/it.po
cvs update
cvs update: Updating po
M it.po

Notice the M that means that a file was modified. The update command does not automatically commit your changes to the repository.


Uploading your changes to the repository is done by the commit command. A message describing the change is supplied with the -m option, if option -m is not specified, an editor is started to enter the comment.

cd po/
cvs -z3 commit -m "New Italian translation"
cvs commit: Examining .
Checking in it.po;
/cvsroot/navit/navit/po/it.po,v  <--  it.po
new revision: 1.17; previous revision: 1.16
Generating notification message...
Generating notification message... done.
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