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CardDav address book in Mutt

The reference distribution is a Debian 12 Bookworm. Install the Debian packages:

  • khard
  • vdirsyncer


Directories to be: created

  • $HOME/.contacts/personal/addresses/
  • $HOME/.local/share/vdirsyncer/status/

Configuration files:

  • $HOME/.config/khard/khard.conf
  • $HOME/.config/vdirsyncer/config

Using from the command line

Syncing CardDav from remote host to locale:

vdirsyncer sync

Searching into local address book:

khard fausto
Address book: personal
Index    Name              Phone                  Email              Uid   
1        Fausto Coppi      cell: +393251234567                       1de   
2        Fausto Bertoglio  cell: +393275553232                       af1   

Editing a local contact:

khard edit "Nome Cognome"

Creating a new local contact:

khard new

Using from mutt

Web References

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