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LCD TV Sammsung LE32D400E

Hidden service menu

There is an hidden menu from which you can control several technical settings of the TV set. Beware that messing-up with that settings can render the device non-functional!

To access the service menu - starting with the TV in standby mode - press the following keys on the remote control:

  1. Info
  2. Menu
  3. Mute
  4. Power

In the service menu use the following keys of the remote:

Up/Down arrow Move the cursor through menu items.
Enter/Right arrow Select (activate) the highlighted menu item.
Left/Right arrow Change option value.
Return Go back to previous menu.

Each setting is save as you select it and return to the previous menu. Just press Power to restart the TV with the new settings.

Playing videos (DivX, XviD, etc.)

The firmware of the LE32D400E does not play videos from the USB port, just photos and music. It's quite a shame and I don't know why such self-imposed limit. Fortunately you can trick the TV into thinking that it is another model, capable of videos playing. This does not require a firmware upgrade and it seems to work without any drwaback.

Enter the service menu, look at the model, you see the original value is LE32D400E.

From the Option menu, select Model option and change it from LD400E to LD450. Return to the main menu, you can see that the model is now LE32D450. Torn off the TV with the power key, and turn it on again.

There are 94 different models available from the menu, I choosed LD450 and it worked. If you select other models you can find something wrong in the menus; e.g. with LD552 (which also works for videos) you see several non existent HDMI ports in the source menu.

I was able to play DIV3 and DX50 (DivX) and MPEG videos with MP2, MP3 and AC3 audio in AVI container, I did not tried other codecs or containers.

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