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Insta360 ONE RS Color Profiles

What are the defferences between color profiles of the Insta360 ONE RS camera? Here you can see some example frames captured with Vivd, Standard or Log setting.

Vivid color profile

This color profile is a bit over saturated for my tasting, consider that the footages was shooted early in the morning and the sky was not as blue as seen in the picture. But if you want a stunnging footage with a very blue sky and a very green vegetation for a “wow” effect, choose this one.

Vivid Color Profile Vivid Color Profile

Standard color profile

I think that standard is the preferred setting for an average situation; it returns an effect that is more faithful to the perceived light condition.

Standard Color Profile Standard Color Profile

Log color profile

The log settings is rather flat and unpleasant; I suggest to use it only if you plan to add color grading to your videos in post-production.

Log Color Profile Log Color Profile

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